Elin-handbraided or twisted jute baskets and placemats with a soft and natural expression of luxury. Now also a beautiful handwoven jute rug with classic stripes.

Our collection of hand-braided or twisted jute – Elin, is a series of soft and natural storage items and placemats of hand-spun jute yarn that give a shiny and luxurious feeling. The baskets are available in different sizes and designs, with or without lids for a variety of uses, such as a bread basket, flower basket or bathroom basket. The placemats are hand-woven into a classic round or oval shape. New in the family for AW season 2022 is a beautiful striped hand woven jute rug as well.

Oval bordstablett Elin
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Jute basket with a twist.

The Elin collection is made of natural-colored or bleached jute, sometimes even combined. Part of the collection has a twisted binding with a natural gray shade. The idea is that all products should harmonize and complement each other in terms of shape and natural shades.

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