Freja rugs and doormats – just a slightly lighter version of our classic jute rug.

Freja is a series of hand-woven rugs made of hand-spun jute yarn, just like the original jute rug Julia. The difference is the binding that does not require quite as much material and makes Freja a slightly lighter rug. Freja is available as small and large doormats, walkways and large rugs in two wonderfully natural color schemes, natural gray and natural.

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Freja doormat natural grey

Products that contribute to a natural home environment.

A Freja rug is timeless and simple. Fits in most environments without taking over your other furnishings. Choose between a warmer and a slightly cooler shade of natural jute.

If you want a more expressive jute rug, Fanny is a good alternative. The same binding as Freja but with a mix of pale and un-bleached jute, the very similar rug Fanny is a bit more vivid.

Doormat fanny natural

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