It takes reflection and courage to hold on to your beliefs – to stand firm in your conviction that a product is exactly as it should be.

dixie classics
Julia naturgrå

Creating a classic takes time.

This is a crucial insight for our shared future. Naturally, the prodouct must last, and above all, it should contribute to a sustainable world. Some of our products have been with us for about two decades. We love to call them classics. To us, it’s simplicity and sustainability in harmony. A natural luxury.

Our classic hand-woven jute doormat has been in the range for 20 years and the same applies to our popular linen placemats. The round hand-braided laundry basket made of water hyacinth, which has become a real bestseller over the years, has been around since 2002 and the beautiful perforated rubber mat Villastad by Lill O. Sjöberg received a design award back in 2009.

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