We are inspired by everything natural, sustainable and timeless, and we like to share some tips and inspiration for your home. We are passionate about creating products that are beautiful, carefully developed and of high quality – welcome to our inspiration section!

We’re inspired by the natural, the sustainable and the timeless. Our products should be both practical in everyday life, as well as inspiring and beautiful, to create a caring and harmonious feeling in your home. 

Tips and tricks on how to decorate 

We know that it might be difficult to feel inspired or know how to pick and choose when decorating your home, or organize spaces for a functional, practical and welcoming everyday life. Therefore, we’ve gathered some helpful tips and knowledge we’ve learned over the years to inspire you. We cover a lot of topics, e.g. what to consider when choosing a rug and its material for different rooms in the house, and how to take care of and wash your rugs. 

We highlight table setting tips for both special occasions, and everyday life, where we e.g. point towards natural placemats as a way to create different looks and feels. Clean and timeless, but always welcoming with that little extra. We also dedicate a whole section to seasonal inspiration, for you to create a loving atmosphere in you home in a sustainable way – all year round. Also don’t miss our tips on how to create a great home office to succeed when working from home, or the article that gives “how to” create an inviting first impression of your home through a welcoming and well-organized hallway.