Our sustainable materials

Here you can learn more about the sustainable materials we are using for our products, mostly natural materials. We will also tell you were the material comes from and how to best take care of the product to extend its service life and be able to enjoy it for a long time. To us, that is an important aspect.


The secret lies in our natural material choices.

Durable water hyacinth

Water hyacinth is a very invasive weed. The use of this weed prevents fresh water courses in Vietnam from being clogged. This is why many of our beautiful and unique baskets are carefully made by hand from this weed in Vietnam.

Fast growing seagrass

Seagrass is one of our favourite materials, which in its dried form becomes both strongand flexible and thus optimal for braiding into beautiful and durable products. In Bangladesh, where all our seagrass products are made by hand, they now very well how to make the most out of this fast growing grass.

hardwearing and durable sisal

Sisal, which also absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces – is a perfect material for beautiful and durable doormats and rugs. The fibre has its origin in Mexico and in India they prepare and weave the fibre into these timeless rugs.

irresistable jute

Jute is a completely rain-fed crop that grows in monsoon climate during the monsoon season, is anincredibly durable fiber. Thanks to new processing methods, these coarse fibers can turn into a soft,natural yarn with silky luster, perfect for beautiful, durable and sound-absorbing rugs and baskets.

durable natural rubber

Rubber, a naturl material which is pouring out from the rubber tree in its liquid form called latex. The latex is often mixed with recycled natural rubber for best quality in our rubber doormats withstanding both hot and cold climate.