Polyester from recycled PET bottles

Recycled PET- bottles turns into beatiful rugs and cushion for Outdoor Living. These sustainable products of polyester has an amazing feeling of natural material but can be used both inside and outside without damage.

To reduce our environmental impact we offer carpets and cushions made of 100% polyester produced from recycled PET bottles.

What also makes it great is that the products are thus completely water resistant. A rain shower or two on the balcony or wet feet in the bathroom is not a problem -the products doesn’t lose its shape or mold.

From trash to durable products.

Thanks to new recycling techniques, an empty PET bottle can be recycled and turned into a smooth, soft and durable polyester thread that is first treated to withstand UV radiation and then woven intofine items like placemats, soft rugs and comfortable cushions on traditional looms by skilled Indian artisans.

A transformation from storing drinks to being an welcoming part of adinner, a social gathering or a peaceful moment of rest outside in the fresh air. A collection that can withstand pouring rain and the brilliant sunshine alike, but also works well indoors for those who wish.

The products form a sustainable concept for both indoor and outdoor use.

Care advice for our PET products:

  1. Indorr and outdoor use
  2. Machine wash cold (30 C) or dry clean
  3. Can be left outside in the rain without loosing shape or mold.

The difference between plastics and plastics.

more about the material PET

PET, which is the source material that is recycled and used in our products, belongs to the group of harmless plastics. Read more about the difference between PET and other plastics at the nature conservation association.

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