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Yes, Dixie has a very efficient online store, but for retailers only. Welcome to take a look at our retailer list or contact us for information about the nearest shop offering the product you are interested in.

We work as B2B suppliers only. Therefore, our showroom in Kungsbacka is only open to other companies and business partners to Dixie. As a private person, you are most welcome to contact us for the nearest retailer of the product you are interested in.

As a retailer, you are warmly welcome to visit us in our showroom in Kungsbacka. You can also contact either us or one of our agents by phone or email, please see contact information. We look forward to hearing more about your business and how we can start a new exciting and successful collaboration together.

We work with a very professional warehouse with strict rules regarding handling and delivery of goods. Therefore, we have no opportunity to offer pick-up at our warehouse from a quality and safety point of view.

We have chosen to focus on offering our retailers the best possible service and have therefore chosen partners for warehouse management and transport that are best at handling slightly larger volumes. We therefore do not offer drop-shipping of individual products to consumers.

We do not have the opportunity to customize individual rugs based on the customer’s wishes, as our rugs are manufactured in India and Bangladesh with lead times of at least 6 months and currently often even longer.

Welcome to read more about our sustainability work. It’s something that has driven Dixie forward for more than two decades and it has never been more relevant than now. It is an ongoing process and one necessary to remain as a company today when everyone is so much more concerned about the value of sustainability work from different perspectives.

Both jute and sisal are natural materials that remain absolutely best when used indoors. Products made from these plant fibers should not be exposed to rain or direct sunlight. For outdoor use, we therefore recommend our rubber doormats (Black collection) or polyester rugs from recycled PET bottles that can withstand all weathers.

It is best to vacuum clean or shake the rug. Any stains should be removed with a damp cloth. The rug does not withstand soaking, but damp shoes are no problem.

Yes, the underside of all our doormats are coated with natural latex that can withstand underfloor heating with normal temperature.

All our baskets of water hyacinth are hand-braided in Vietnam. The plant is a weed that takes over the fresh watercourses in the country, so there is plenty of material to use in the best possible way. What could be better than a beautiful basket?

Yes absolutely! It is a relatively easy way to renew your table and increase a table setting by using placemats. The current trend of combining hard porcelain with soft placemats gives a wonderful feeling.

In the footsteps of the pandemic, there are unfortunately major delays in both production and transport worldwide. Both we and our partners suffer from these delays, but we always do everything we can to be able to provide as accurate information as possible in as good a time as possible. It’s not always easy but we try. Never hesitate to ask!