Natural melange long rug Jenny, made of sisal
Rug Jenny natural 80x250cm

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Rug Jenny natural 80x250cm

Natural melange long rug Jenny, made of sisal


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Durable machine-woven walking mat made of sisal. In order for the carpet to lie nicely on the floor, the underside is coated with natural latex.

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  • 100% sisal. Natural latex backing
  • 80 x 250 x h0,8cm
  • Machine woven in India
  • For indoor use

The sisal plant is a hardy plant that thrives in hot and dry areas where other crops have difficulty thriving. The sisal fibres are about one meter long and are ivory-colored, shiny and extremely strong.

Vacuumed or shaken. Stains are immediately wiped with damp cloth. Can not be soaked

The use of sisal is beneficial from an environmental point of view because sisal absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces. It is also one of the world’s strongest natural fibres.

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