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Your choice of doormat says more than you think. First and foremost, it is of course a practically indispensable detail to protect your floors from wear and tear and to prevent dirt or gravel from entering your home. However, it’s also sets the tone and first impression of your home. Saying welcome with consideration, awareness and care, affects both yourself and your visitors.

But how should one go about choosing a doormat? We here at Dixie always select the materials for our products with great care and our doormats are no exception. They should offer an brilliant combination of good quality, with a luxurious feel and have a long durability – you should be able to trust that it’s functional & durable, while at the same time having an irresistibly beautiful expression. The fact that the material also should be good for both humans and the environment is one of the cornerstones of our way of working with product design.

With these steadfast prerequisites, we create doormats of mainly jute, sisal and natural rubber. Materials that, with their properties and lovely impression, both benefits and enhance all environments.

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Julia – a timeless classic

Jute doormats

When we talk about doormats, we can’t help focusing a little extra on our very own Julia! Most people associate Dixie with this very type of timeless, hand-woven doormats made of durable jute yarn. And it’s no wonder!

Beautiful, soft, and strong Julia is our very first doormat that has been with us for over 20 years, which also makes it worthy of being part of the collection we call “Dixie Classics”. A collection of long appreciated & perfected products in our range where timeless expression, function and durability are in harmony. Products that say it all, and do the job at the same time.

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Single or double?

Depending on the placement, you can choose a size of doormat that fits the purpose best. Julia is available in a larger size of 70×120 cm which fits nicely at a double door or a larger sliding glass section, while the sizes 50x80cm & 60x90cm are nice by e.g. a single door or on a smaller floor space.

Doormat by the frontdoor, terrace & balcony entrance

Most people only consider the front door, when talking about the use of a doormat, but who ever said that’s the only place for these little gems? Our doormats are so beautiful and caringly crafted that they fit inside all types of entrances in the home. Perhaps you have a patio, balcony or terrace? Our beautiful doormats is a nice interior detail in all rooms of a home.

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Sense of shades – sober & seasonal

Julia is available in a number of classic sober shades that never go out of style. You can find neutral natural tones in lighter or darker shades, but also colors that stand out. Among our selection you’ll find tasteful shades such as coffee, potato, thunder blue, oat, lead grey, ivory, black, rusty red, dark green, and old rose. In addition to these, we choose to seasonally highlight some selected shades that fit nicely with the rest of our assortment.

So, the choice is yours! Maybe you like to use a shade that softly blends in with the floor, or that one that matches your favorite interior? Maybe you appreciate a color that pops? Many of our customers brighten up their home with a light color during the spring and summer months, and change to a more forgiving shade when the weather is more challenging and the shoes tend to be more dirty. What do you do?

Julia – doormats made of jute

A genuine craft with thoughtful details

Our jute doormats are created by hand by skilled craftsmen in southern India, where jute is also grown. The artisans here have focused on this specialist area for centuries, with ever-refining craft methods, and they are as careful about the quality as we are. Each product is unique, created with care – a key to why these products are so loved, we believe.

Jute is a very durable fiber that nowadays can be transformed into a soft and natural yarn with silky luster. Did you know that jute is a completely rain-produced crop with a very small need for fertilizer or pesticide?

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Natural latex underneath

The backing of our doormats are coated with natural latex for practical reasons. It provides a non-slip effect and the mat stays in place, while reducing the passage of moisture and gravel. An important and good combination if you ask us.

Julia in every room

You probably already know that Julia is available in more designs than just as a doormat? If not, you do now! Julia in Natural grey is actually our most popular rug. It’s available in several shapes and sizes for all rooms of the home.

How about a long jute rug or larger jute rug for e.g. the living room, the hallway or the bedroom? Brillitant in all its versions – timelessly beautiful and functional!

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More jute doormats

In addition to our beloved classic Julia, we offer several beautiful variants and bindings on jute doormats.

Our friend Freja is a slightly lighter version of Julia. Freja is also hand-spun, but since the binding does not require as much material as Julia, it’s a tad lighter in its design. It comes in two sober natural color schemes: natural and natural grey. Like Julia, Freja is available in several sizes and shapes, not only as a doormat.

Fiona is a smoother and lighter jute rug and doormat than Julia. The yarn on the Fiona collection is machine-spun instead of hand-spun, which gives the rug a more homogeneous expression. The rug itself is hand-woven, and it has all the great properties of the jute material, and includes the latex coated backing on the doormat. Fiona is also available in several shapes, sizes and colors.

Also, don’t miss our lovely jute doormats Fanny & Filip in contrasting mix fabric!

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Hall med rund matta av jute och Ella shoppingväska av jute
Sittpuff i flätad vattenhyacint på en rund matta av jute

Doormats made of sisal & natural rubber

We do love our doormats made of jute, but as mentioned earlier we work with a few other durable and beautiful materials too. Among them you’ll find strong, lovely sisal and natural rubber.

Doormats made of sisal

Rugs and doormats in sisal is a timeless trend that is growing and growing. The sisal fibre is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers, so that it’s perfect for the hallway, goes without saying. In addition, this shiny, durable fiber provides a beautiful, sober and timeless binding. Don’t even let us get started on how good the use of sisal is from an environmental perspective!

Our complete range of sisal rugs and doormats are all to be found in the Jenny collection. Our sisal doormats are available in three rectangular sizes to fit all types of hallways . The sizes are: 60×90 cm, 70×120 cm and 80×150 cm, all of which are designed with a framing edging in cotton. Our timeless shades are:

“Grey” – a sober dark grey shade with a cotton edging in grey.

“Natural” which with its natural colored elements gives a natural expression together with a sophisticated cotton edging in black.

Our lightest shade is called “Marble”, beautifully reminiscent of the marble stone’s bright, dynamic shifts. Its sewn-on cotton edge in the trendy shade of grey/beige, also called “greige”, is the finishing touch.

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Dörrmatta i sisal i ljus färg

Doormats made of rubber & rubber boot trays

During the autumn & winter months with more challenging weather, our collection Black containing rubber doormats is an invaluable partner. They take extra good care of dirt and damp from your shoes, and you can easily clean it by rinsing it under running water.

To protect your floor extra well, we also have rubber boot trays with high edges to prevent water from e.g. shoes, a wet umbrellas or melting snow from damaging your floor. All our rubber doormats are great to use both indoors and outdoors, as they can withstand low minus degrees.

We have several beautiful designs on our rubber doormats and boot trays where e.g. the popular motifs City, Tree and Heart are designed by Lill O. Sjöberg. They truly transform a practical and functional doormat into a beautiful and timeless interior detail.

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Jutemattor i olika bindningar och gummdörrmatta med mönster

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